quite by accident, I have been dropped into this heaven

pinpointing when, the specific incident,

spiraled me through millions of unexamined suppressions

you see, for hundreds of years, the hue / beige, russet, midnight blue

defined the parameters of the protective organization

the haven, the safe place, the desired configuration 

this focus on skin:  das ist a fictionalized story,

a fallacy, a catastrophic miscalculation,

One Moment In TimeOne Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest,

An Imitation of Life, an urban legend, a ridiculous notion

for through the lens of race

we lost the propensity, the willingness, to define social wrongs

as it alone was the bait that kept a nation lost, unable to find its pace

generations wandering, unknowing, trapped in the past amidst ghostly, vicious throngs

but – today – in this historic moment

we learn there are mutual interests, agreed-upon dimensions,

common expansions, natural, easy-to-see conventions

among beings, not tones, come clear intentions

complex, thoughtful motivations spark and ignite

and, finally we are driven!

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